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Stella Chroma® Nail Polish - SO BASE-IC BASE COAT

Stella Chroma® Nail Polish - SO BASE-IC BASE COAT

Stella Chroma
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By Stella Chroma®

Base coat is the essential foundation to a fantastic manicure. It creates a smooth surface and prevents potential staining. Our sticky base coat leaves a rubbery layer for your polish to grip to and extends the life of your manicure.

When you take the time out of your busy life to do your nails, you want to make the most of that time. Using So Base-ic allows you more time with the confidence that a fresh mani brings. A simple step that'll give you longer with nails people notice!

You have arrived at your home for bold polish colors without nasty carcinogens. Because you don’t need them in your beauty routine.

No camphor, no dibutyl phthalate, no formaldehyde, no toulene, no formaldehyde resins!

Polishes are tested extensively before release. All are hand mixed in small batches at our facility. We follow specific recipes for each lacquer, but slight variations may still occur.